Leitzinger was keen to keep the integrity and accuracy of their clients’ data and information during the switch of patent renewing agencies and the ever-advancing technology of the industry. With Patentrenewal.com, they managed to ensure their clients a straightforward experience with cost transparency and complete trust and safety with their annuities. Now the process is transformed for both client and company, eliminating any added obstacles and complications in an otherwise detailed prosecution phase.


Leitzinger is an 85-year-old IP law firm based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded by Edward Leitzinger in 1917, the company has continued to promote and work with designs, patents and trademarks with a team of highly-skilled experts in various different fields. Asides to this, Leitzinger has always been keen on utilising evolving technology to their advantage in the field of legal tech and IP law.


Client Comprehension

The goal of the company is to enable the client’s business from an IPR perspective, so that clients can implement IP to their business to achieve competitive advantages and exponentially grow the value of their business. On top of this, previous technology was not always efficient at facilitating straightforward client communication and comprehension. Often this would lead to a lot of back and forth between client and company, with long lists of patents and unnecessary added work.

Rapid technological change

CEO Jorma Leitzinger noticed that the industry of patent renewals witnessed a tech overhaul, seeing a technologically diversifying and often complicated landscape. However, the process of renewing patents had not changed much over the last decade. 

Growth and modernisation

They wanted to utilise the new technology emerging within the industry while simultaneously improving client and company interaction, and making the channel of communication frictionless.


Partnering with patentrenewal.com.

Partnering with Patentrenewal.com means that Leitzinger experienced a refreshing, innovative approach to IP renewals. When initiating the transfer of all their data to Patentrenewal.com, the support and cooperation Jorma received assured him this was the right choice. There was a clear procedure in place leading to safe and secure handling of the cases in transfer to Patentrenewal.com as well as a roadmap to manage the change and training of employees.

Once Jorma saw the efficiency and transparency of the process on the Patentrenewal.com website, and after consulting and substantiating this realisation with our team, it was only natural to establish a partnership.


A platform to be at the forefront.

Once Leitzinger’s clients could see the efficiency of the Patentrenewal.com process, they were able to assess the big picture of the annuity situation without any complicated extras and interfaces. Budgeting naturally became easier during the transaction and gave them confidence that their clients were in safe hands.

In turn, Leitzinger’s patent attorneys started to engage more easily with the process and they were able to receive better feedback from clients who felt more at ease with the way patent renewal information was now communicated. Clients now have an easy to use system that gives them visibility over their patent renewal portfolio. From the system, it is easy to see which patents they wish to keep and the ones they wish to cease.

The financial transparency of the process is also of utmost importance to Leitzinger’s clients; they now can see exactly how their annuities are handled, leaving no uncertainty for both parties. 

In short, Leitzinger obtained a renewal setup which gives both them and their clients energy and brings them together about the discussions that matter.