How can I create a platform for a new client? (For IP Partners only)

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create a platform for one of your new clients

You can easily create a new platform for one of your clients which can be either a personal platform or one that can be accessible through your main IP Partner platform. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Log in to your platform
  2. Click on the ‘Create platform’ and choose option ‘Standard platform’
  3. Choose the platform type 'Standard Platform *live’
  4. Click IP owner type ‘Customer platform - IP Partner’
  5. Then choose the parent IP Partner (which is the name of your firm)
  6. Fill in the IP Owner name (which is the company name of your client)
  7. Select from the given options which company type is applicable to your client
  8. Choose and click the relevant and agreed Invoicing flow
  9. Click and select under Invoice frequency the option ‘Fixed Monthly’ (unless per your agreement your setup is different)
  10. Under Billing Information you have to choose the currency you would like to be invoiced in
  11. In the email field we require at least one valid email address which will receive the invoice(s)
  12. If you or your client want to receive renewal instructions, enter at least one valid email address in the ‘Renewal email 1’ field
  13. Then you have the option to fill in the requested company/client address
  14. Under ‘Renewal confirmation’ you can choose with the tick if you would like to receive the renewal notification (RNOT) or not.
  15. The following fields ‘Our price’, ‘Your national renewal fee’ and ‘Additional options’ are optional, and can be filled out based on our agreement
  16. Finalize the creation of your platform by clicking the button ‘Create Platform’.

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