What does your renewal instruction and invoicing flow look like?

Discover the 3 steps of PatentRenewal.com’s instruction and invoicing flow

We have created a failsafe process for handling renewal payments in time, by working according to a 3-month flow to ensure you are notified of upcoming payments well in advance.

1) Firstly, you will receive a Renewal notification, which is always issued 90 days prior to the renewal due date. This is an instruction request for your upcoming renewals and not an actual invoice, meaning you do not have to pay this. We send out the notification to inform you and ask whether or not you wish to proceed with the renewals indicated in the document.

2) The actual invoice is issued 30 days after the Renewal notification (60 days before the renewal due date) and will state a payment due date and can be paid at your earliest convenience (the usual payment terms are 30 days).

In case you chose the Pay-as-yo-go payment plan, you will receive an Invoice and Deposit Request.

If you chose the Annual payment plan, you will receive a Deposit Request.

3) As a last step, we use the funds to pay the annuity fees to the respective patent offices.

4) In the case of an unpaid invoice, you will receive 2 automated payment reminders by email (in addition to the reminders on the platform). If we do not receive any payments after the automated reminders, you will get an email containing a Credit Note for the unpaid invoice.

By working according to this flow we ensure that you have sufficient time to settle the invoices so we can carry out the annuity payments in good time.

*This flow does not apply for the 1st renewals where urgent onboarding is required.

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