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Patent renewal management for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNERS

Cost-effective, and easy to manage

Save up to 50% on your IP renewal costs and gain fantastic overview of the portfolio, all costs and payment schedules
Thomas Binzer, Head of R&D, Sophion Bioscience A/S
The platform has saved us more than 30% on our yearly renewal costs. At the same time is has giving us a fantastic overview of portfolio, cost and timing, something we could not easily obtain with our former provider. The level of service is great and the transfer of patents has been easy. I would absolutely recommend


Lower total renewal costs
Take advantage of our globally optimized payment system to lower transaction costs and the direct payment to national patent offices. You can save up to 50% on total renewal costs depending on your current setup.
Portfolio Visibility
Overview is key when taking decisions. With you can access all your cases through your own online IP renewal system. Track costs, instruct payments, and collaborate with your colleagues.
Centralised management
We will help you customize the system to follow your own organizational structure. You can divide the portfolio across product lines, business units and give to each the executive power without missing control or overview.
System overview

Full overview and control of your IP renewals

  • Intuitive case management interface that matches multiple-use cases and is informative to non-expert audiences like CFOs and R&D personnel.
  • Auto-renew, online instructions and renewal status updates in real time.
  • Check the status of renewals in real-time.
  • Direct support online and offline, also from your platform via the chat with our experts.

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We accelerate innovation - one problem at a time, starting with IP renewals

Mads Viborg Jørgensen
Anca Liana Toncean


Migrating to is simple and convenient. We have experience with migrating portfolios from all major renewal solutions on the market and we are capable of welcoming small and large firms on board with high efficiency.

On average we find data flaws in 92% of the portfolios we receive in the form of duplicates, data inconsistencies, and missing elements.

For this reason, our migration procedure is thorough and all security measures are taken. Our expert team will lay out a plan for you describing how we plan migration phases, the transfer of your portfolio, communication, compliance, operations and how everything in between has been taken into consideration.

We offer a free setup, training, and migration along with one of the friendliest customer support teams. We are glad to receive any question you might have so that we can help you gain peace of mind in regards to your IP renewal payments.
OUR system

An intuitive digital renewal solution

  • Reduce risks in the reminder and instructions process with full portfolio visibility
  • Adapt the system to your organizational structure and enable a decentralized decision making without missing overview
  • Gain full visibility over the entire renewals service cycle events with supporting documentation and automatic logging of user actions

We are a small biopharma company and we have 3 patent families. The payment of annuities represented a massive budget for years, as we were doing it the “old way”, via our (excellent) patent attorney. We then started doing it ourselves to cut the attorney’s management fees. It resulted in the loss of 3 patents, as we lack the expertise, proper follow-up competence etc. Thanks to, we now have an excellent service, within budget. I can’t recommend it more!

Saad Harti – President, Legacy Healthcare