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our mission

We empower the IP industry

  • We see a need for transparent and easy-to-use system tools in an industry with complex solutions
  • We love innovators and want to help foster great ideas in the world of intellectual property
  • We help firms reduce risk and uncertainty by eliminating middle-men and unnecessary admin work

Our Story

Why do international IP renewal payments have to be so complicated, time-consuming, risky, costly, and non- transparent?

Companies and IP law firms alike pay expensive 'transaction costs' of $50 to $1000 just to get the money from point A to point B. It is like travel used to be in the sixties.

We found evidence that IP renewal providers charge for agents in countries where it is not a requirement, resulting in inflated total renewal costs. Likewise, it is common practice to consolidate many fees into one official fee that many do not question because it carries the label 'official'.

We are responsible for renewing some of the world's most valuable assets: patents. To us, it is a matter of responsibility that these patents are renewed through a modern, transparent, and safe infrastructure that will help cut costs and avoid the big mistakes that don't make the news, but we all know about.

Industry experts tell us that we are creating the most innovative system seen by the IPR industry in the last 10 years. We have received multiple letters of intent from the major providers to buy our company because of this simple yet groundbreaking software technology.

To date, we renew patents on behalf of big IP law firms and their more than 700 companies, multinational corporations and public institutions clients.
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