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Kumari Rupali Balsal - Patentrenewal
Our renewal team will assist you with any renewal question such as specific case information, fee calculations, country specific legislation, PoAs and more.

If your request is urgent please call: +(45) 78 70 19 78
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Common Questions

What industries utilise your platform?
The platform suits the needs of large and medium-sized IP law firms with features that support the internal overview requirements and promote client-specific workflows that fit the organisational structures across all industries.
What are our and your responsibilities?
We offer active and passive client-specific workflows
that fit your individual client relationships. We are
always responsible for ensuring that your clients’ patents are renewed according to your instructions and
according to schedule. If it suits you, you can fully outsource the responsibility for receiving and instructing
renewals as well.
Do you disclose agent information?
To help your internal audits, we provide you with documentary evidence from our local agent involved in the process such as invoice and payment confirmations to the patent office in question.
Is there a trial period?
Yes, you have the option to choose a pilot project formula where you can use in full on a pay-as-you-go monthly schedule.