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We want to help our users be confident in performing their tasks by making daily administration and planning important renewal decisions easy.
THOMAS BINZER • Head of R&D • Sophion Bioscience A/S
The system has saved us more than 30% on our yearly renewal costs. At the same time it gives us a fantastic overview of portfolio, costs and timing, something we could not easily obtain with our former provider.
Gain control
Reduce risks in the reminder and instruction process. All urgent and upcoming renewals are visible immediately. Instruct instantly online.
Deepen relationships
Enhance stakeholder collaboration by providing your clients with their own interface with your branding. Generate and share custom budget reports easily.
Remove uncertainty
Gain full visibility of the entire renewals service cycle events, saving you time and removing uncertainty. Get a full case history and audit trail with a few clicks.

Increase profits and client loyalty

With you can stamp the service and system with your brand and create individual client-facing accounts for all your clients without compromising
on security.

All your clients can have access to a personal system with all their renewal cases, invoices, budgets, notes and user access.

You can use the system to keep your clients informed, or to fully automate your client relationships. This will entirely depend on your specific relationship with the client and their requirements.

Your clients can use the system to perform renewal instructions, create budget reports, write notes on specific cases, upload PoAs and a lot more.

We call it the next generation of self-service. Your clients perform the basic administrative tasks while you stay in control of the relationship by monitoring their actions and providing relevant advice when necessary.
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  • Our services are global and we are proud to say that we cover all jurisdictions and use fewer local agents compared to our competitors
  • We focus on making your day-to-day operations easier to manage while staying in control of both renewals and also your valuable client relationships
  • Tap into our always accessible, worldwide service with low, transparent renewal fees and no hidden costs
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