I A word from our newly appointed commercial director.

Hi, I am Helle.

I am proud to be a part of Here, the passion for driving the company to become the best patent renewal service in the world is unparalleled. And of course, that is only possible because clients’ needs are at the top of’s priorities. 

Having consciously shifted the focus towards where they can indeed be different, is helping IP law firms and their clients in new ways, which many did not see coming. That is thanks to the ability to listen to our most precious resource, our partners.

Agility is a commonly misused word these days and most IP Law firms struggle to follow the “Agile Manifesto”. Trying to implement rapid adjustments throughout a series of change projects is often challenging, as is reducing complexity and implementing leaner processes. 

Coping with a rapidly changing world is difficult for everyone, myself included. However, in my career, it has been my experience that success follows only those who dare to disrupt the status quo. For the rest that refuse to adapt, a slow decline awaits around the corner.

At we work in the most agile and lean way possible, quickly correcting areas and implementing changes around client needs. Thanks to our continuous loops of feedback and evaluation, the path to implementing a new solution for the client is short and fast. You can accomplish a lot of impactful things quickly when you have the appropriate human resources around you and the right mindset.

What do we offer – What makes us different?

 Automation is our specialty and we are specialised in developing the shortest and most cost-efficient way to handle patent renewal payments. We provide technology that not only helps you achieve a more cost-effective patent renewal service, but that also creates opportunities for you to develop and acquire more clients. 

Why are we more cost-effective than other services?

  • Free of charge – Our online platform shows a real-time simple and quick overview of the entire patent portfolio. This is easily managed, with three different levels of access: Administrator (access to everything), Editor (access to the portfolio but not core functionality), Observer (view only).
  • Free of charge – We upload your portfolio on our portal, which is automatically checked against the authorities, then our lawyers give the portfolio an additional manual check.
  • Free of charge – Set up your clients on the platform without any fees.
  • Free of charge – We put your logo and company color on the platform so that you can implement a service that is consistent with your brand.
  • Free of charge – Implement differentiated payment terms per client.
  • Free of charge – Send reminders, notifications, payment information.
  • We only use local agents in 25% of all countries as we have agreements directly with the authorities. This provides great savings for both you and your clients.
  • Hedging against currency fluctuations, 5% on official fees is applied, which is refunded monthly if no fluctuations occur.
  • Our statistics show you can reduce your total renewal costs by 10-48%. You can read more about this here.
  • We only take a low handling fee, which is the only aspect where we make money.
  • We provide you with transparency in all transactions without any hidden costs in the renewal process.

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Author: Helle Lerche Neergaard

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