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Saad Harti – President, Legacy Healthcare
We are a small biopharma company and we have 3 patent families. The payment of annuities represented a massive budget for years, as we were doing it the “old way”, via our (excellent) patent attorney. We then started doing it ourselves to cut the attorney’s management fees. It resulted in the loss of 3 patents, as we lack the expertise, proper follow-up competence etc. Thanks to, we now have an excellent service, within budget. I can’t recommend it more!
Global coverage
Our services are global. We are proud to say that we cover all jurisdictions for the renewal of patents, utility models, and designs.
Stay in control
We focus on making your day-to-day operations easier to manage while you stay in control of your renewals.
Value added
Our services add value to your operations no matter whether you are a sole proprietor or your business is part of a multinational group.

Migration Services

Migrating to is simple and convenient. We have experience with migrating portfolios from all major renewal solutions on the market and we are capable of welcoming small and large firms on board with high efficiency.

On average we find data flaws in 92% of the portfolios we receive in the form of duplicates, data inconsistencies, and missing elements.

For this reason, our migration procedure is thorough and all security measures are taken. Get in contact with our expert team to hear more on how we plan migration phases, the transfer of your portfolio, communication, compliance, operations and how everything in between has been taken into consideration.

We offer free setup, training, and migration along with one of the friendliest customer support teams.
OUR system

An intuitive digital renewal solution

  • Reduce risks in the reminder and instructions process
  • Enhance stakeholder collaboration by providing your access to our user friendly platform
  • Gain full visibility over the entire renewals service cycle events with supporting documentation and automatic logging of user actions
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