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How IPTector uses to stay agile and fend off competitors.


Morten Birkeland is a high performing European Patent Attorney, IP management practitioner and IP leader with a unique combination of technology, IP and business skills and, a solid track record from major industrial corporations.

He is the founder of IPTector, where he offers legal services in all corners of Intellectual Property Management. IPTector is specialized in helping the SME’s that do not yet have sufficient volume to employ multiple full-time IP specialists and who are reluctant to take on the fee rates in traditional law firms.

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  • Invention harvesting
  • Drafting, filing, and prosecution
  • Litigation
  • Litigation support
  • Oppositions


Helping clients with a transparent and cost-effective service


The patent renewal setups on the market were non transparent. Hereby, they were limiting the ability of IPTector to offer a patent renewal service with clear and justifiable cost breakdowns.


With no immediate online access and control over the key aspects of patent renewal information, IPTector could not differentiate its patent renewal offer from the competition.


The time involved to maintain the system and the high fees charged by the patent renewal providers were limiting factors to a scalable and cost-effective service.


Partnering with

From the past experience of lacking transparency when using law firms or renewals services, IPTector was looking for a solution that would align with its mission “to cut out all the red tape to make sure that clients get the best deal”.

With the possibility of tapping into the product development of, IPTector provided useful feedback to pursue his vision by helping to develop features that would benefit its SME clients even further.


A simple and intuitive system to keep track of all patent renewal activities.

As a patent attorney firm, their focus is not on managing patent renewals. helps IPTector be reminded when patents are due to renewal and actions have to be taken on the platform.

When clients have questions  about prices or the current status of a renewal, it is simple for IPTector to use the platform as a tool to pass the information along to the clients.

  • Direct instructions on the platform
  • Add patents in few clicks
  • Complete automation
  • Transparent cost estimates
  • Watermark free client interface

Cost management is largely relevant to SMEs. IPTector is using to cut the total renewal cost to clients by 40% and give them access to a complete and fully transparent patent renewal service.



Thanks to a clear overview and automation of administrative tasks, IPTector is ensuring that there are no inefficiencies in its pricing structure.


Vast time reductions and an offer that can outcompete the legacy players.

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