Success Story | Nordic Patent Service

Nordic Patent Service describes how they use to ease the management of patent renewals.

Nordic Patent Service.

Nordic Patent Service is a boutique IP law firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It services clients along a broad spectrum that encompasses most types of inventions.

Being appreciated for the transparency, expeditiousness, and quality of their services, they advise some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as MAN. Energy Solutions among others.

What you can read about in this case study

Challenges | Decision | Solution | Results

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Telecom and Microelectronics
  • Biotech and Chemistry
  • Nanotech, Medtech,
    and Cleantech
Geographic expertise
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia
  • Worldwide filing and prosecution
  • Oppositions and legal actions
  • Novelty and freedom to operate searches
  • BI, patent monitoring and infringement advice
  • Translations and European validations


Harmonising all client services.

Dual setup

SMEs were managed in-house while the management of Large Enterprise clients was outsourced to a patent renewal provider with little transparency on key cost areas, and no online portfolio visibility.


Nordic Patent Service was waiting for a new wave of innovation to completely automate the management of patent annuities that would allow Nordic Patent Service to be more client-centric and scale their service.


Nordic Patent Service wanted to create the conditions for further growth. They wanted to free up internal resources and refocus them on their core business areas.


Partnering with

Nordic Patent Service welcomed the opportunity to move patent annuity payments to a high tech solution that would streamline administrative processes. They even proposed key improvements to the platform.

Knowing the feedback of their clients, they were keen to suggest which areas of deserved a special focus for Nordic Patent Service to fend off competitors and make the service attractive to large Enterprise companies.


A platform to be at the forefront.

With verified data and complete automation, paralegals feel that renewals are fully under control. Now, they can focus more on the core business areas of Nordic Patent Service and help the company grow the billable hours.

The white-label client-facing interface gives Nordic Patent Service an edge on its competitors. Clients are enthusiastic about the new portfolio visibility through which they can now access information online in real-time. They can see the upcoming costs for the renewals, easily make decisions, and access all past and upcoming invoices.

Lastly, Nordic Patent Service’s patent attorneys can easily create client profiles, add patents, and use the platform to aid clients with full information at initial conversations.

  • Direct product and legal support 
  • Advanced filtering
  • Automatic notification and invoice flows
  • Real time payment tracking
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Customised client workflows

Growing profits and a larger competitive advantage.


With an optimized payment system and direct payment to patent offices, Nordic Patent Service has lowered their risks of malpractice and cut the total renewal costs to clients by 25%.


A lean and resource-efficient setup is a key element to win more SME and Enterprise clients. Thanks to transparency and cost-effectiveness, Nordic Patent Service can further grow a highly profitable patent renewal business.


The white-label interface has harmonized and aligned the patent renewal service with the brand of Nordic Patent Service. Now, there are no more risks of brand dilution with other, third-party, brand names.