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PatentAct explains why the use of helps clients make better renewal decisions.


PatentAct is a boutique IP firm based in Aarhus, Denmark. Founder Steen Iver Andersen has corporate experience from Danfoss and from Danish legacy patent firms. PatentAct is specialized in helping patent holders make informed decisions based on in-depth analysis.

Using PatentLog, a proprietary patent portfolio visualization tool developed by PatentAct, they can ensure that clients obtain the necessary portfolio overview to know why, when and where to file patents, where to keep patents alive and when and where to skip patents, based on business value.

What you can read about in this case study

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  • Patent pre-filing planning
  • Patent drafting and filing
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent after grant planning
  • Portfolio management


Helping clients take better renewal decisions.

Client focus

Current patent renewal platforms do not fit the requirements of SMEs and Large Enterprises needing a convenient system to instruct the renewal, or not, of patents.


Business units of a corporation get a tool to ensure that the decision of whether to renew a patent or not is in alignment with all the stakeholders of the patent.


With the legacy annuity payment providers, stalling on innovating their offer, scaling the renewal offering to the clients of PatentAct was proving a challenge.


Partnering with

PatentAct wanted to rethink patent renewals and does it with new technology and innovative approaches to cross-border payments.

Once PatentAct could ensure that all security and internal loops of quality checks of were in place, it was the natural choice to establish a partnership.


A platform to match the needs of SMEs and Large Enterprise clients.

PatentAct can now invite all stakeholders to the platform. Clients now experience an instant and seamless access to patent data and make faster and better decisions.

Clients can instruct renewals directly from the platform. The clear paper trail and the email notifications of changing instructions ensure the careful execution of all renewal decisions.

  • Direct support on the platform
  • Internal loops of data quality checks 
  • Automatic invoicing flows
  • Invite different users on the platform
  • Customized client workflows
  • White-label client interface and service
PatentAct can create client accounts to invite stakeholders on the platform and experience instant sharing of information. For clients, it's now easy and straightforward to make the right renewal decision or to ask for more counseling.
PatentAct is using the intuitive user-interface of and ease of use to stay lean and agile. Counting on complete automation, it is possible to onboard new clients without hiring new support staff. For a small IP firm that is a key to keep growing.

Growing a profitable practice in close contact with the needs of clients.

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