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We have never been presented with an invoice more cost-effective than ours, therefore we provide 100% price guarantee for the lowest price on the market.

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Serving every segment of the market including individual inventors, SMEs, big enterprises, and
law firms all around the world.

Savings this year

This is the combined amount of savings that
we generated for our customers only this year.

Lifetime savings

On average our customers save €2,400 per country, over just one patent's lifetime.

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How is this possible?

PatentRenewal.com revolutionizes the process of patent renewal by not only digitizing all process elements but also by eliminating inflated costs, such as inefficient transfer flows, inflated currency exchange rates, and, in jurisdictions where they are not necessary, redundant local attorneys.
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All-around solution for renewals

Quick and easy patent renewals

Give your instructions with just one click of a button and our in-house Renewals team will renew your patents.

Full transparency

The whole renewal process and different cost categories are made transparent for you. Follow your payments real time with all price details visible to you.

Hands-on service

Get in touch with our Customer Support team anytime and get all your queries resolved.

Effortless onboarding

We take care of the transition from your current provider to us in the shortest time possible, while keeping a good relationship with them.

High renewals expertise

We have the best patent experts on our international team who are highly skilled to renew patents in all jurisdictions.

Security at its best

We pride ourselves on the security of our service. All of our data handling procedures are thorough, and all security measures are taken to comply with data regulations.


Your personalized SaaS platform

Fully automate your renewals
Set auto-renewal instructions and track and trace the whole renewal process on your platform.
Forecast and budget your costs
Organize and filter your patent data and get an overview of your past, present, and future expenses.
Store your documents in one place
Find all your renewal-related documents, like invoices, renewal notifications, payment proofs or power of attorneys on your platform.
Automating IP renewals - PatentRenewal.com platform


You are in good hands
Changing to PatentRenewal.com is easy. Sit back, and we will take care of everything as quickly as possible.
Your current provider
You simply provide us with the contact information of your current patent renewal provider.
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Easy transition
We will migrate all your patent data from your current provider to your new PatentRenewal.com platform.
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Our Customer Success team will ensure that you have everything in place and organize an oboarding meeting with you.
Trusted by 1,000+ happy PatentRenewal.com users
Quotation Marks | PatentRenewal.com
The platform has saved us more than 50% on our yearly renewal costs. At the same time it has given us a fantastic overview of portfolio, cost and timing, something we could not easily obtain with our former provider. The level of service is great and the transfer of patents has been easy. I would absolutely recommend PatentRenewal.com.
Thomas Binzer | Testimonials
Thomas Binzer
Head of R&D, Sophion Bioscience A/S
Quotation Marks | PatentRenewal.com
We are a small biopharma company and we have 3 patent families. The payment of annuities represented a massive budget for years, as we were doing it the “old way”, via our (excellent) patent attorney. We then started doing it ourselves to cut the attorney’s management fees. It resulted in the loss of 3 patents, as we lack the expertise, proper follow-up competence etc. Thanks to PatentRenewal.com, we now have an excellent service, within budget. I can’t recommend it more!
Saad Harti | Testimonials
Saad Harti
 President, Legacy Healthcare
Quotation Marks | PatentRenewal.com
I have been amazed by the professionalism that I have been met with, working with PatentRenewal.com. They take full responsibility and makes both me and my partners feel totally at ease, knowing that everything concerning patent renewals is well under control and easily managed by our administrators.
I always receive effective expediency and fast response time. PatentRenewal.com has my highest
recommendation for any patent holder or IP law firm.
Peter Koefoed, Partner, CEO,  European Patent Attorney at Inspicos P/S
Peter Koefoed
Managing Partner & CEO, Inspicos P/S
Quotation Marks | PatentRenewal.com
PatentRenewal.com brings a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of use and speed of use. Within two weeks, we had renewed our first patents. Our administrators have an easy tool to use and we are now able to provide a better offering to our clients. With the previous system we were using, it was far too complex to fully automate our renewal decisions and client management. We found that all of our time was eaten up by learning how to execute a specific task. That’s the fundamental difference between PatentRenewal.com and other IP management software that we’ve used in the past.
Gerard Van Walstijn Managing Partner at Nordic Patent Office
Gerard Van Walstijn
Managing Partner, Nordic Patent Office
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