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Replace your existing IP renewal setup,with one of further simplicity, advanced technology at the world's most effective price. - as renewals should be

How is it possible? revolutionizes the process of patent renewals by not only digitalizing all process elements, but by also eliminating inflated costs, such as inefficient transfer flows, inflated currency exchange rates and, in jurisdictions where it is not necessary, redundant local attorneys.

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Regain your lost time

Our service is designed for everyone who deals with patent renewals. We provide a digitalized overview about the state of your patents, in an easy-to understand form, accessible by anyone from your team; CEO, CFO, Accountant, Patent Attorney etc.

Decrease your costs

Our experience shows that most of our customers have never met with a cheaper IP renewal provider than us.
If you have an offer where the total price is cheaper than ours, we are happy to
offer you price match.

Utilize the power of data

Our internal systems are connected to the dashboard, providing real-time insights to any development of any payments. The collected structured data can also be used to further generate insights or forecast patent costs instantly, skipping all the excel nightmare.

With you can ...

With us you can ...

Automate your renewals' flow

Get access to your personal patent renewal system that provides a transparent overview of all your patent data.

You will be able to find all of the relevant information about your renewal cases, including invoices, budgets, notes and history, and you will be able to share these details with everyone who deals with patent renewals in your team.

Automate your renewals' flow

Remove uncertainty

Remove uncertainty

Gain full visibility of the entire renewals cycle, forecast IP renewal costs in order to save time, costs and remove uncertainty.

Get a full case history and audit trail with only a few clicks and stay in control of your stakeholder relationships by monitoring actions and having access to relevant advice when necessary.

Ensure increased security

At we are thriving ourselves on security of our service.

All our data handling procedures are thorough, and all security measures are taken as an extra to complying with data regulations.

As part of our security efforts, you will be also provided with a free setup, training, and migration along with the help of one of the friendliest customer support teams.

Ensure increased security


You are in good hands

Changing to is easy.
You just provide us with the contact of your current patent renewal provider, and we take care of everything else.
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We will do everything to maintain a good relationship for you with your current provider
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Easy Transition
We will migrate all your patent data from your current provider to your new platform
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We provide you onboarding materials and our customer success team will ensure that you have everything in place

Start Saving now! provides the highest level of transparency as we make every single cost of your patent renewal visible for you.

With us you won’t get an invoice just showing your subtotal, we provide you with a detailed analysis of your costs (from official fees to service fees, bank fees and transaction fees).

On average companies save €2400 per country over ONE patent’s lifetime with us.
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The platform has saved us more than 50% on our yearly renewal costs. At the same time it has given us a fantastic overview of portfolio, cost and timing, something we could not easily obtain with our former provider. The level of service is great and the transfer of patents has been easy. I would absolutely recommend

Thomas Binzer | Testimonials

Thomas Binzer

Head of R&D, Sophion Bioscience A/S
Quotation Marks |

We are a small biopharma company and we have 3 patent families. The payment of annuities represented a massive budget for years, as we were doing it the “old way”, via our (excellent) patent attorney. We then started doing it ourselves to cut the attorney’s management fees. It resulted in the loss of 3 patents, as we lack the expertise, proper follow-up competence etc. Thanks to, we now have an excellent service, within budget. I can’t recommend it more!

Saad Harti | Testimonials

Saad Harti

 President, Legacy Healthcare
Quotation Marks |

I have been amazed by the professionalism that I have been met with, working with They take full responsibility and makes both me and my partners feel totally at ease, knowing that everything concerning patent renewals is well under control and easily managed by our administrators.
I always receive effective expediency and fast response time. has my highest
recommendation for any patent holder or IP law firm.

Peter Koefoed, Partner, CEO,  European Patent Attorney at Inspicos P/S

Peter Koefoed

Managing Partner & CEO, Inspicos P/S
Quotation Marks | brings a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of use and speed of use. Within two weeks, we had renewed our first patents. Our administrators have an easy tool to use and we are now able to provide a better offering to our clients. With the previous system we were using, it was far too complex to fully automate our renewal decisions and client management. We found that all of our time was eaten up by learning how to execute a specific task. That’s the fundamental difference between and other IP management software that we’ve used in the past.

Gerard Van Walstijn Managing Partner at Nordic Patent Office

Gerard Van Walstijn

Managing Partner, Nordic Patent Office

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