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Cut down on your patent renewal costs by up to 75% annually, today!

Experience the ease of patent renewals as it should be.
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Talk to our sales team and discover how our solution works, how much you stand to save on your patent renewal costs, and experience the ease that patent renewals as it should be
Transferring your portfolio takes only a few weeks, after which you will be able to manage all your patent renewals from our system. All we need is your patent data. When the onboarding is done you can reap the benefits of our system by saving not only 50-75% on your patent renewal cost, but significant time on your administrative tasks as well.
Experience the full power of our system's advanced functionalities. Further simplify your renewal management with the help of our cutting edge platform, which enables you to automate your patent renewals, generate patent forecasts and optimize your patent renewal fees.
Patentrenewal platform user interface
System overview

Full overview and control of your renewals

  • Complete overview and control of your patent portfolio.
  • Intuitive case management interface that matches multiple use cases and is informative to non-expert audiences like CFOs and R&D personnel.
  • Auto-renew and online instructions.
  • System and service fully stamped with your brand. You can multiply your resource efficiency with automatic notifications, instructions, and invoices.
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We accelerate innovation - one problem at a time, starting with IP renewals

We are proud to help some of the world's most innovative companies to focus on changing the world instead of worrying about IP renewals. Whether you are a small company with one patent renewal, or a corporation with thousands of renewals, we are here to make your life easier and your patent renewals cost, and time-efficient.

Our values are trust, transparency, professionalism, and reliability.
All of us are deeply passionate about empowering IP Owners with
a reliable renewal management tool in an era of
outsourcing and complex solutions.

Mads Viborg Jørgensen
Jesper Juel Jensen
Anca Liana Toncean

To learn more about how to save up to 75% of your patent renewals, book a meeting with one of our experts!

The platform has saved us more than 30% on our yearly renewal costs. At the same time is has giving us a fantastic overview of portfolio, cost and timing, something we could not easily obtain with our former provider. The level of service is great and the transfer of patents has been easy. I would absolutely recommend

Thomas Binzer, Head of R&D, Sophion Bioscience A/S