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no hidden costs

Transparent invoicing provides the highest level of transparency as we make every single cost of your IP renewal visible to you.

With our service, you won’t get an invoice merely showing your subtotal, we provide you with a detailed analysis of your costs (from official patent renewal fees to service fees, bank fees, and transaction fees).

On average, companies save €2 400 per country over ONE patent’s lifetime with us.
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What we do differently
Let us introduce you to the different cost categories of the IP renewal process, and find out where our efficiency comes from.
your current IP provider

An Official fee is the fee you have to pay to renew your patent in each jurisdiction to the local patent office. It allows you to keep your patents in force in the respective jurisdictions.

Official fee

The Official fee is the same at each provider. The amount you have to pay annually is a publicly available information for every jurisdiction. provides free guides on renewal fees in most jurisdictions, listing Official fees for each year.

your current provider

Service fee is the cost of the annuity service provider. Most IP law firms outsource the IP renewal process making their service fee extremely high.

Others offer a low service fee, however, many of them hide their profit under other cost categories.

We recommend to always compare total costs when reviewing price quotes from different providers.

Service fee
Non-official fee

We charge a fixed, flat fee after every successfully renewed patent. You can also choose our Bulk plan with 10% discount, if you have minimum 30 renewals.

Since we do not outsource the IP renewal process and always try to reduce our costs, it makes our total patent renewal fee the lowest possible on the market.

your current provider

When paying the official fees there are transaction and FX costs involved.

One important factor here is the currency exchange rate fluctuation. In order to ensure enough funds are available for the renewal payment, providers ask for a higher price in case of disadvantageous exchange rate changes.

FX cost
Non-official fee uses a state-of-the-art fintech solution to reduce transaction costs to a minimum.

We also consider currency exchange rate fluctuations, and ask for a foreign exchange deposit, however, we always RETURN the amount if the exchange rate did not move to a disadvantageous position.

your current provider

In certain jurisdictions, only local patent attorneys (agents) can submit the IP renewal payment, following the local rules and regulations.

Some IP law firms partner with overpriced local agents, or they use them in jurisdictions where they are not necessarily needed

Agent fee
Non-official fee

Wherever possible, we do not use local agents for patent renewals.

In jurisdictions where they are necessary our legal expert team continuously strives to partner with the most cost-effective local patent attorneys.