Why should I change to you?

Why PatentRenewal.com?

We bring the power back to IP owners. Inadequate technology and overcharged service is the norm for most IP owners, and we want to be the alternative.
We are the most advanced, customer-focused, and 100% cost-transparent IP renewal service at the market’s lowest price point.

Why should I change from my IP law firm or IP service provider?

The benefits, according to our more than 1,200 customers, are up to 50% in annual savings, much less tedious work, a much cleaner inbox, and a sense of being 100% in control of their most valuable assets while still doing less work than before.

We facilitate an effortless and smooth transfer from your existing solution to PatentRenewal.com. The switch couldn't be easier.

What about all the other services I get from my current provider?

Your existing service and relationship with your current law firm will remain unchanged. Renewals can be separated from other IP services. When switching to us, we will handle the communication and transition in the smoothest way possible. If preferred, you can be involved in the transition process, you decide!

How is it possible to create substantial savings?

Most of the savings come from optimizing the process of patent renewals. Since we only use middlemen in our processes only when it is absolutely required by the jurisdiction, our renewals are as cost-effective as possible. We pay directly and use modern fintech solutions that allow us to minimize our transaction costs and exchange rate fluctuations.

Often, businesses only see official fees and the fee of their IP law firm on their invoices. However, in reality, there are many other expenses involved, all applied to every single patent renewal. These include hedging against exchange rate fluctuations, bank transfer costs, fees of local agents, and often, hidden markups and fees that inflate the total cost significantly.

In short, as an IP owner, it is key to focus on the total cost and not only decide based on the service fee. It's easier to charge 50 EUR in service fees and earn another 150 through agreements with the middlemen than to be transparent and charge a fixed service fee with full cost transparency. Our invoices provide a full cost breakdown, allowing you to review what you are paying for.

What kind of companies do you serve?

As a company, we love diversity—both internally and in the range of companies with whom we have the honor to work.

We already represent companies from all industries and sizes regardless of if they are IP owners or IP partners.

Why do you analyze invoices?

Analyzing invoices is the only fair way to compare IP renewal costs. Invoices contain all necessary information for us to conduct an in-depth price comparison for you. We provide this service for free.

After submitting our price quote form, we send you a detailed visual comparison by which you can assess your options and make your decision solely on reliable and transparent data analysis.

What can I gain?

How do you price your service?

We have complete trust in our service, and we have never been presented with an invoice more cost-efficient than ours. Therefore, we will be happy to match any offer that you present to us that has a lower total price per renewal than ours.

Our interest is only to remove all unnecessary fees by using the newest fintech and software technologies. To get to know more about our price plans, please visit our Pricing page.

What does your service include?

Our service does not just provide easy, cost-efficient and effortless patent renewals, but it includes one centralized platform built just for you with continuous improvements based on feedback from our existing customers.

On the platform, using the administrator interface, you get access to your patent portfolio’s dashboard, where all data is stored and is easily available. Our internal systems are also connected to the dashboard, giving you real-time insight into the development of any payments. Here you can forecast and budget costs for selective parts of your patent portfolio instantly, skipping all the Excel nightmares in exchange for analyzing the cost structure. The dashboard also serves as an interface where you can see which patents are due monthly and what the cost structure is of those.

On your platform, you have all of your necessary renewal-related documents, such as payment proofs, invoices, Power of Attorney etc. They are gathered in one place with real-time updates as renewals are executed or payments are received, and ready to be dowloaded, anytime you wish.

You can customize this interface to your own liking, personalizing it with your own logo and brand colors.

Our service also includes free customer support during business hours, and our team is constantly working on lowering your costs and improving your platform.

Do you provide references?

Yes, we do provide references upon request.

Today, PatentRenewal.com serves more than 1,200 patent owners from more than 40 countries around the world, renewing patents globally.

How do I get started?

What does your onboarding flow look like?

In our standard onboarding procedure, the onboarding process takes approximately a month to ensure a smooth transition and no double renewals with your old IP Provider.

We start with an introduction about the next steps and will start contacting your old IP renewal provider for a smooth data transition. We will request the full export of the patent portfolio and the current renewal status to avoid double renewals. After we have received the full export of your patent portfolio, we will validate the data, upload it, and integrate your portfolio into your platform.

The final step of the onboarding is our platform walkthrough in which you will be guided through your platform with your portfolio to explain how the platform should be used to its full potential. If your portfolio is up to date and everything is settled, you can log in to your platform and start immediately using it to your liking.

How do you migrate my patent data?

We will get in touch with your previous IP renewal provider, inform them about the IP renewal responsibility change, and request a full export of your patent portfolio and a renewal status confirmation of the running year in order to avoid double renewals.

Do you offer support after the onboarding process?

We offer full support, free of charge as soon as you sign with us. If you have any queries or problems, you have always the option to contact us at help@patentrenewal.com.

How long does the transition from my current IP renewal provider to PatentRenewal.com take?

In our standard transition workflow, we plan approximately one month for the entire onboarding process/transition from your old provider to us, in order to avoid overlapping renewals. The main bulk of the workload concerning the transition is to organize your patent data so that it can be uploaded to your platform. Our team will provide you with all the support you need to make the process smoother. Free of charge.

What patent data do you need from me?

To ensure and ease the migration of your portfolio to our system we recommend providing us with the following data for your onboarding:

1. Patent reference number
2. Validation countries
3. Application number
4. Grant/registration number
5. Patent application status (granted/not granted)
6. Application date
7. Grant date
8. Claims - if necessary, in countries such as JP, KR, ID

We can also retrieve all of your IP portfolio information from your IP law firm/IP provider, communicating only with them on your behalf.

What happens after my onboarding?

All we need from you is to make sure to let us know if your renewal instructions change, to pay invoices on time, and to let us know if you acquire a new IP to be added to the system.
Our software will handle everything else.

What does your invoice flow look like?

We have created a failsafe process for handling renewal payments in time, by working according to a 3-month flow to ensure you are notified of upcoming payments well in advance.

The invoice is issued 60 days before the month your renewals are due, and the standard payment terms are 30 days.

We also offer e-invoicing and integration with certain accounting systems.