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Renewing IP has never been this quick and easy

PatentRenewal.com services are complimented by a personalized patent software that enables you to get an overview of all your patent-related tasks, data, and costs.
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Service features

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Quick and easy
IP renewals

You are in the best hands: we provide the easiest intellectual property renewals ever. Just lay back and renew your patents, designs, and utility models with only one click of a button.

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Our friendly Customer Success team is always available for you if you have any questions or concerns. After a trouble-free switch from your current IP provider you will be onboarded as soon as possible.

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Your own
patent software

We provide you with a personalized IP platform that enables you to utilize auto-renewal options, real-time tracking, budgeting and forecasting, transparent invoicing, and more.

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Get to know our patent software

Automating IP renewals - PatentRenewal.com platform
Renew your patents
with ease

Get access to your intuitive and personalized IP platform where you can oversee and control all of your patent data. 

Automate your renewals and renew your patents, put them on hold or stop their renewals in one click.

Select auto-renewal instructions, so you are always ahead of your upcoming payments.

Track and trace your renewal payment no differently than a parcel delivery. Follow your payments real time with all price details visible to you.
Forecast and budget your costs

Overview your patent costs in a transparent way. The patent software makes it easy for you to plan your IP renewal costs ahead of time.

You can quickly organize and filter any sets of patent data, download it in a few clicks and gain insight of past, present, and future expenses - eliminating every sense of unknown. 

Know exactly what you are paying for by overseeing all intellectual property renewal related cost categories (official fee, service fee, local agent fee, bank fee, etc). No hidden fees.
Forecasting IP Renewal costs - PatentRenewal.com platform
Store all documents in one place - PatentRenewal.com platform
All your documents in one place

Do you have a cluttered email inbox which makes it hard for you to find certain patent-related documents and invoices?

Control all your disbursements and invoices, download and customize them to fit your accounting requirements.

Grant access and different user rights to your patent software for colleagues and other stakeholders (e.g., litigation fund) so you can share all patent-related documents with ease.

Check the encrypted papertrail to know exactly who did what, when. Be in total control of any action taken by both users and staff of PatentRenewal.com.
customer Testimonials
Don't take our word for it
User-friendly platform

"The platform is working 10 out of 10 and it takes a lot of effort out of managing IP. What I like the most is the ready access and the simplicity of the search engine, being able to get to the documents that I'm interested in quickly. The forecasting tool has definitely been advantageous to my colleagues in Finance. We haven't had any omissions or any errors at any point, so that obviously just means that the software works and does what it's supposed to."

Daniel Palmer
VP Technology, Biodexa Pharmaceuticals
Renewal decisions with ease

"By committing to PatentRenewal.com I have been able to achieve money and time advantages. I spend less time checking if my deadlines are being identified and met, if my payments have been made and when, and if my assets have been clearly identified. It really fills a long-felt need not just personally, but in the industry overall."

Steven Bowers - PatentRenewal.com quote
Steven Bowers
General Counsel, Exo
Operating efficiently

“It is difficult to know if your patent lawyer is worth their high salary when you are paying them to obtain your patent. However it's easy to see that it makes absolutely no sense to pay high prices for just administrating the yearly fee for the patent that was successfully granted to you. PatentRenewal.com takes care of this job at a fair price and with a good level of service.”

Morten Wedel - CEO of Esmar Engineering
Morten Wedel
CEO, Esmar Engineering ApS
No more back office

"We had problems with the increased administrative workload of our patents, that was affecting our ability to operate efficiently. Working with PatentRenewal.com helped us address those challenges by eliminating our back office activities and providing us with a solution that lets us keep our control, but save our energy. We can
confidently recommend PatentRenewal.com."

Jouni Leinikki - CEO of Alleco Ltd.
Jouni Leinikki
CEO, Alleco Ltd
Simplicity and confidence

"The most I like about PatentRenewal.com is the simplicity of managing your IP renewals. There are no question marks; it is just straightforward. You log in, you see what it is, you log out, and you feel confident that it's being handled with expertise."

Dr. Evgeniy Donchev
Dr. Evgeniy Donchev
COO & Co-Founder, LoMaRe
Time saver renewals

“We were very happy to sign up to PatentRenewal.com’s service. It relieves us from all administrative tasks and the risk of not meeting payment deadlines, which overall saves us a lot of time.”

Martin Ohrt - PatentRenewal.com quote
Martin Ohrt
CEO and Founder, LIITA Care
Excellent service within budget

"We are a small biopharma company and we have 3 patent families. The payment of annuities represented a massive budget for years, as we were doing it the “old way”, via our (excellent) patent attorney. We then started doing it ourselves to cut the attorney’s management fees. It resulted in the loss of 3 patents, as we lack the expertise, proper follow-up competence etc. Thanks to PatentRenewal.com, we now have an excellent service, within budget. I can’t recommend it more!”

Saad Harti | Testimonials
Saad Harti
President, Legacy Healthcare
Convenient service, reasonable costs

“The service is very convenient if one has many patents in multiple countries. The cost is also very reasonable compared to using a regular patent attorney service.”

Brandon Giap - CEO of BCG Medical
Brandon Giap
CEO, BCG Medical, Inc.
Easy and great

“The platform is very easy to use, and your service has been great and very helpful!”

Ricardo Mulás - CFO of E6PR
Ricardo Mulás
a smooth switch
Get started with our services
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Step 01
Book a demo

Book a demo with one of our patent renewal experts. Ask all your questions, raise all your concerns, and they will show how our patent software works.

They will also prepare a price comparison for you so you can compare your current IP provider with us and understand in detail where you can save on your IP renewals with our services.

Step 02
Data migration

After signing our Service and License Agreement, your only responsibility will be to connect your PatentRenewal.com expert with your previous IP provider or forward us your patent portfolio data.

We will validate your patent data, and after your approval will migrate it to your personalized PatentRenewal.com platform.

During this process we will ensure that you maintain your strong relationship with your patent attorney.

Our migration procedure is thorough, and all required security measures are taken.

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Step 03

Lastly, you will get full access to your personalized PatentRenewal.com platform.

Our Customer Success team will help you in setting up your account and will show you how to use the patent software efficiently.

Thereon, our Customer Success team is always available in case any troubles or problems arise.