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Pay up to 80% less, keep the same invoice schedule

PatentRenewal.com is the new generation of patent renewal services that are enabled by a state-of-the-art fintech technology. 100% transparency and fairness.
Pay up to 80% less, keep the same invoice schedule

How is this possible?

By utilizing the newest fintech and software technologies, we eliminate all unnecessary fees through the patent renewal process.  We have transparent, flat-fee pricing, so you know exactly where in the value chain we profit, and when local agents are needed for payment, we renegotiate terms regularly.
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Automate your renewals' flow

Get access to your personal patent renewal system that provides a transparent overview of all your patent data.

You will be able to find all of the relevant information about your renewal cases, including invoices, budgets, notes, and history, and you will be able to share these details with everyone who deals with patent renewals on your team.
Automate your renewals' flow

Remove uncertainty

Remove uncertainty
Gain full visibility of the entire renewal cycle and forecast IP renewal costs in order to save time, money, and remove uncertainty.

Get a full case history and an audit trail with only a few clicks, and stay in control of your stakeholder relationships by monitoring actions and accessing relevant advice when necessary.

Don't compromise on security

At PatentRenewal.com, we pride ourselves on the security of our service.

All of our data handling procedures are thorough, and all security measures are taken to comply with data regulations.

As part of our security efforts, you will be also provided with free setup, training, and migration, along with the help of the friendliest customer support team.
Don't compromise on security

How does it work?

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Step 01
Book a demo

Book a demo with one of our patent renewals experts. Ask all your questions, raise all your concerns, and they will assist you and offer you a free trial of our solution.

They will also prepare a price quote for you so you can compare your current IP provider with us and understand in detail where you can save on IP renewals with our services.

Step 02
Data migration

After signing the Terms and Conditions, your only responsibility will be to connect your PatentRenewal.com expert with your previous IP Provider.

We will take care of all administration, and we will migrate all your patent data to your personalized patent renewal platform.

Our migration procedure is thorough, and all required security measures are taken.

Data Migration visualisation | PatentRenewal.com
Onboarding visualisation | PatentRenewal.com
Step 03

Lastly, you will get full access to your personalized PatentRenewal.com platform.

Our customer support team will help you in setting up your account and will show you how to use the platform efficiently.

Thereon, our customer support team is always available in case any troubles or problems arise.