How to Renew a Patent in Canada?

In order to maintain a patent application and any granted patent thereafter, a renewal fee must be paid to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) on an annual basis. The first renewal fee of a patent application is due on the second anniversary of the filing date. Thereafter, annual renewal fees apply up until the 19th anniversary of the filing date. 

For example, if the filing date of a patent is 2012-12-06, you will only have to settle the renewal fee from 2014-12-06 onwards. 

Renewal Fees by Intellectual Property Type

In Canada, there are other types of intellectual property. At, we have all of the necessary tools and procedures to ensure that both types can be renewed through us. 

Intellectual Property Type #1 - Canadian Standard Entity and Small Entity Patents

Apart from the regular standard maintenance fee payments, certain fees for obtaining and maintaining a patent are reduced by 50% for small businesses and universities to encourage them to use the Canadian patent system. A small entity is defined as one that employs 50 or fewer employees or that is a university. For further details on the cost breakdown, please refer to the fees table.

Intellectual Property Type #2 - Canadian Designs

A Canadian design right is valid until the final stages of its 10th year after registration, and 15 years from the Canadian filing date. In order to maintain protection beyond the initial 5 year period, a maintenance fee of $364.50 CAD must be paid by the owner or the appointed agent at any point within 5 years of registration. If the maintenance fee is not received before the 5 year expiry date, an additional 6 month period is given to settle payment. Any late payment incurred during the 5 year and 6 month period, will include an additional fee of $50 CAD. 

If the design is not maintained within 5 years and 6 months, the protection will end immediately the next day. The registration will no longer be maintained, and no one will be able to apply for a new registration of the same industrial design.

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Patent Renewal Fee Intervals in Canada

The patent renewal fee is paid every year. For further clarification, please refer to the cost breakdown below.

Year-by-year Patent Renewal Fees at the Canadian Patent Office

The patent renewal fees increase each year.

Patent Year Official renewal fee for Standard patent (CAD) Official renewal fee Small Entity patent (CAD)
2 100 50
3 100 50
4 100 50
5 204 100
6 204 100
7 204 100
8 204 100
9 204 100
10 255 125
11 255 125
12 255 125
13 255 125
14 255 125
15 459 229.50
16 459 229.50
17 459 229.50
18 459 229.50
19 459 229.50
Patent Year
Official renewal fee for patent (EUR)

Canada Patent Renewal Fees FAQ

When is the first patent renewal fee due in Canada?‍
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The first renewal fee is paid on the second anniversary of the filing date.

For example, if the filing date of a patent is 2012-12-06, you will only have to settle the renewal fee from 2014-12-06 onwards.

What are the due dates and payment windows?‍
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The renewal fees can be paid anytime before the payment due date.

Can I renew a patent after I miss a renewal deadline?‍
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Yes, it is possible to renew a Canadian patent after its deadline. The latest you can pay your missed payment or late fee is 6 months after your maintenance fee was due or, 2 months after you receive the Commissioner's notice saying that the fees must be paid. However, when entering the grace period you will incur an additional fee of $150 CAD. Failure to pay this fee during the grace period will result in the patent being abandoned.

Do I need assistance from the local council?‍
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It is not mandatory to make use of a local agent or representative when renewing a Canadian patent. The CIPO accepts a number of payment methods such as; debit cards, credit cards, deposit accounts, online banking services, cheques or money orders, and wire transfers. All fees must be paid in Canadian Dollars.

How long do patents last in Canada?‍
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In order to maintain a Canadian patent, renewal fees need to be settled annually. The last payment of the maintenance fee is made before the nineteenth anniversary of the filing date.

How can I contact the Canadian Patent Office?‍
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You can get in touch with the CIPO via email or phone;


Phone: 1-819-934-0544/1-866-997-1936 (toll-free in Canada and United States)

Where can I search for Canadian Patents?

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For more information on the renewal process in Canada, you can visit the link to their official website. You can also search for patents here.

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