A step-by-step guide to your first IP renewal with PatentRenewal.com

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3 minutes
February 14, 2024

1. Request a price quote/comparison

Whether you're an experienced IP professional or a brand new joiner to the world of IP renewals, we’ve got you covered. You have multiple ways to get in touch with us on our website.  You can request a price quote by filling out the short inquiry form (and attaching your patent data) or you can even upload your current IP renewal invoice and request a price comparison without any commitment.

Once you've reached out, our promise is to circle back to you, not with just a quote, but a detailed offer tailored to your needs. If you've shared your current IP renewal invoice, we will send you a comprehensive report that compares our services with your existing provider and sheds light on potential avenues of savings. Both of the scenarios happen within 5 business days, as we respect and recognize the weight of your time.

If you have any further questions about our service or you’d like to get familiar with our IP renewal platform, we are happy to organize a meeting where we walk you through the platform and discuss additional questions.

2. Choose a price plan

We believe in flexibility and therefore we offer two different payment options:

  • Bulk:

For those who love simplicity and efficiency, our bulk payment option is a game-changer. Opt for a one-time transaction to cover the service fee for your entire patent portfolio for the next 12 months.

This plan is available if you have a portfolio with a minimum of 30 IP renewals a year. If you meet this requirement and prefer to go with this payment method, we are happy to offer you a 10% discount. No more worrying about multiple invoices throughout the year. Instead, enjoy the simplicity of a singular invoice right at the outset, ensuring a seamless renewal experience.

  • Upcoming Renewals:

If you're the kind who likes to manage things one at a time, this option might be more aligned with you. With this plan, you handle the total fee (both our service fee and all other renewal-related fees) of your IP renewals 60 days before the month they are due. If the IP renewal due dates are close to each other, we always group the patents and invoice them together.

3. Sign our agreement

The foundation of our partnership lies in trust, and that begins with a clear, transparent agreement. Once all of your questions are answered and you decide to choose PatentRenewal.com, we will send you a formalized offer in the form of a digital agreement. The moment we have your signed agreement, we kick-start your onboarding process.

We know the IP world can be time-sensitive, which is why we offer two distinctly curated onboarding experiences: the urgent and the standard onboarding plans.

  • Urgent onboarding:

You might have patents that are due in a short period of time. Therefore, we've streamlined our urgent onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition from your previous IP renewal provider. We speed up the onboarding process by postponing our meetings and handling every step in emails by our trusted Customer Success Representatives.

  • Standard onboarding:

When time is more generous, our standard onboarding process comes into the picture. The steps are the same regarding data transition, but we prefer to have a kick-off meeting, where you can get to know PatentRenewal.com and we can collect all the necessary information for your smooth onboarding.

4. Kick-off meeting with PatentRenewal.com

To get you started, we organize a kick-off meeting with your Customer Success Representative, where we will walk you through every step of our onboarding process. In this meeting, we clarify and make you familiar with our invoicing process and we carefully explain our renewal flow, highlighting every important aspect of your IP renewal process (when you will get notifications, invoices, etc.) that you can face during our partnership.

5. Smooth patent data transfer

In case we already have your patent portfolio data, we will immediately start working on building your personalized PatentRenewal.com platform. If we haven’t received it so far, you can send it to us in an Excel format.

If your IP renewal data is still at your previous provider, all you have to do is send us their contact information and we will take care of the data transition process. The length of this process depends on how fast your previous provider can assist us. As soon as we have the required information, we can start working on the next step, uploading your portfolio to our system.

6. Personalized IP platform in the making

From this point, the focus is on building a personalized platform for you that manages your IP renewals with ease. We implement your patent data with extra care to our system and make every customization that is needed for a brand new platform that will help you to manage and optimize your IP renewals.

7. Platform walkthrough with your Customer Success Representative

When your platform setup is done, we always organize an optional platform walkthrough meeting with your dedicated Customer Success Representative. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to get familiar with your platform and see where you can find all the features that will help you make the most out of using it.

Further on, if you have questions or need our assistance, our team will be always there to help via email, call, and video chat. We have also developed a Help Center, where you can find answers to questions we receive regularly if you are seeking immediate assistance.

Are you ready to be part of the PatentRenewal.com community and take your IP renewals to the next level? Request a price comparison today!