JOYRIDE, a responsive furniture designer and distributor, makes their customers’ lives easier by crafting elegant furniture that effortlessly adapts to their needs, optimizing versatility.

Despite their mission of making their customers happy with adaptable products, they were facing challenges with their IP renewals and previous patent attorney setup.

The challenge:

JOYRIDE collaborated with an intellectual property law firm in the UK, and from the onset of their partnership, they encountered multiple challenges due to:

  • The intellectual property law firm lacked clarity regarding their fees and the scope of services they provided.
  •  The substantial fees paid by JOYRIDE did not correspond to the caliber of service they received.
  • The IP law firm failed to implement vital feedback on several business issues.

Moreover, the patent renewal process was stressful for JOYRIDE’s team, so they searched for an IP provider who simplifies the process and saves cost, while assisting with deadlines and administrative tasks more efficiently. 

"Previously, the main issue was clarity on costs and fees. So obviously we were not aware of the problem until we got to know your service, because there was no other alternative.”


James Lucas, the CEO and Founder of JOYRIDE, took on the responsibility of finding the ultimate IP renewal provider, and they prepared a checklist of essential needs that would define their patent renewal success.

At the top of their list was the need for transparency in processes and fees. They had been experiencing hidden costs and fees with their previous patent attorney, so they were looking for full transparency in every aspect. 

Equally vital was the requirement for a user-friendly platform that could centralize all their IP renewal management tasks into a single, easy-to-navigate space. No more juggling multiple systems and tools; they wanted efficiency at their fingertips.

The platform's comprehensive overview with information about each patent in a portfolio.
The platform's comprehensive overview with information about each patent in a portfolio.

However, what truly set their search apart was their determination to find a dedicated team. They were not content with only a service provider; they needed a partner who could not only receive feedback but also implement it effectively. They were seeking collaboration, innovation, and progress.

After carefully researching and reviewing the different IP management solutions on the market, they selected as their new IP renewal provider due to:

  • 100% clarity on the costs and fees on the website 
  • Fast and detailed onboarding 
  • Clear guidance through the platform that handles everything in one place
  • Notification system for the deadlines and invoicing issue
  • Supportive team who are happy to help anytime

"The first thing that comes to my mind is that you are making the renewal process, which made me a little bit anxious, easy to handle. I feel like I've got support and hand-holding throughout, and I'm doing the best possible thing. Having a single point of truth online to check if our costs are due on time makes it easier for me to feel that I'm getting a fair rate. I wouldn't go back to my patent attorney."

A total makeover

Through their commitment to, JOYRIDE has unlocked a world of advantages, both in terms of cost savings and time efficiency. No more tracking deadlines, payments, and asset identification, all while incurring unnecessary expenses.

With their personalized platform, they now enjoy a comprehensive view of their patent renewals across various jurisdictions. They can effortlessly renew patents with a single click or pause them as needed. Crucially, they receive timely renewal and payment notifications, ensuring they never miss a critical deadline. 

What's more, their team can monitor payments and the entire renewal process in real-time, with full visibility into different cost categories. The ability to access past and upcoming renewal costs empowers them to make informed decisions, and all invoices are readily accessible for their convenience. 

The detailed monthly payment breakdown on the platform.
The detailed monthly payment breakdown on the platform.

Together, we rebuilt the strategy of their IP renewal journey. Transparency became the base of our collaboration, ensuring that there are no financial surprises anymore.

“I wouldn’t go back to how we were operating before. Comparably, it’s head and shoulders above what else exists in the marketplace, so it’s a 10/10 if it is being scored within the market.”

If your company is grappling with IP renewal challenges, consider the success story of JOYRIDE. 

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