LIITA Care is a Danish MedTech company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapies that improve the lives of consumers suffering from respiratory diseases.

Their mission is to be a defining contributor to the global respiratory OTC market by providing unique self-care solutions that empower patients to counteract respiratory challenges without the risk of severe adverse effects.

The challenge

Before switching to LIITA Care did all their patent renewals in-house, as they found it to be much more transparent, and cost-effective in contrast to untransparent patent attorney fees.

So their team handled all renewal processes, monitored them, settled the payments and kept track that everything was in place, which was time-consuming as they had to pay all European jurisdictions and other patent offices worldwide, all individually.

This took up a lot of capacity and resources just to keep everything in check, and at the same time the risk of missing a payment was entirely their responsibility.

They identified three major problems with this setup:

  1. Heavy administrative workload: a lot of valuable hours therefore financial and human resources were wasted on administering patent-related tasks, that the team could have spent more constructively, for example on research and development. As they had to navigate between many aspects of a patent’s renewal, it resulted in a slow process.
  1. Very risky: monitoring your patents in-house can result in not meeting certain payment deadlines. If you have to identify deadlines and you are late in paying your renewal fees, your patents can go into surcharge or even lapse.
  2. Expensive: even though LIITA Care did not outsource their patent’s renewals, the process was still highly costly for them. It’s not only the official fees a company has to pay to the local patent office, but they have to consider the transaction costs or hiring a local patent attorney (or local agent) in jurisdiction where they are necessary. If these costs are not optimized, it can result in the process being very expensive for them.

“The biggest problems we had was that the process was slow, it was risky, and it was expensive.”


By identifying these pain points, LIITA Care started to look for a solution that solves all their problems. After investigating different IP renewal providers, they decided to go with’s solution.

“We were very happy to sign up to your service. It relieves us from all administrative tasks and the risk of not meeting payment deadlines, which overall saves us a lot of time.”

Worry-free and affordable solution

Switching to came with many benefits. Most importantly, LIITA Care can now focus their valuable time and energy on what truly matters: improving the life of people suffering from respiratory diseases. And handling simply transactional patent renewal payments should not be a part of that.

What’s more, LIITA Care has enjoyed…

  1. Smooth transition: the company experienced a very easy and fast transition, and from the first engagement with, they could feel the burden of handing renewal payments lifting off their shoulders.

  2. Easy day-to-day operations: whenever LIITA Care needs to check a patent-related notification, payment, forecast or even administration, they can do so by having a complete and real-time overview on their platform. If they have a more specific question, our Customer Service team is available to help in the shortest possible time.

  3. Transparent invoicing: they can see all cost categories (official fees, transaction costs, service fee, local agent fee etc) separately on their invoices and also on their platform. They can keep all their patent-related documents (invoices, power of attorneys, payment receipts) there, so no need to have several Excel sheets to organize their data.

“I would rate an absolute 10. Everything from the transition, to the day-to-day operations, the invoicing, it’s very smooth. If I no longer had access to the product, it would be like going backwards in time. I believe that this is the smartest way to handle your patent renewal payments.”

If your company is grappling with IP renewal challenges, consider the success story of LIITA Care.

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