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Kinga Fodor
April 30, 2024
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Dealing with intellectual property (IP) renewals can often feel like a significant challenge. Especially if the already complicated processes and fees are paired up with lack of transparency, often showcased by many IP law firms or patent attorneys in the industry. This provided a niche to the appearance of IP management software, which has changed the way organizations handle their IP portfolios, as they can manage everything in one place, which simplifies the IP management process. 

The software tool, which is provided by to our customers, is designed to streamline the entire IP renewal process and make it transparent. With real-time data, actionable insights into payments, and a user-friendly interface, it helps patent owners renew their patents with only a few clicks. 

In this article, we highlight the core features of our platform, so you'll see how we've integrated simplicity with functionality, supporting both individual inventors and large enterprises in their IP management.

1. Get to know our Dashboard 

Our dashboard is central to the platform's functionality. It offers a comprehensive view of your patent portfolio. Let’s dive into the features that can make your work life easier. 

Modify the status of your patents with a single click

Navigating IP renewals manually can be overwhelming, but our intellectual property management software makes this process smooth. With a single click, you can modify the renewal status of a patent in your portfolio by selecting options like "renew", "on hold", or "stop". This kind of autonomy ensures every patent's status aligns with the patent owner's strategic intent. 

With our default patent instruction feature, you can leave everything on “renew” and can enjoy the automated process, stress-free without even opening the platform.

Patent renewal instructions on the platform
        Update renewal instructions with one click on the platform.
Real-time tracking in every renewal phase

Our intellectual property management software offers real-time tracking of each patent's renewal status. From the moment an invoice is dispatched to the patent owner, to confirming receipt of payments until the final confirmation of the patent's renewal, every step is transparently documented and updated on the platform. 

Patent renewal tracking
                                                                  Track and trace the renewal like a parcel delivery.

Save time with bulk actions

Managing an extensive patent portfolio requires tools that can handle bulk operations with ease. The bulk upload feature is invaluable for those companies who manage numerous patents, ensuring swift and efficient data upload. Additionally, you can handpick particular patents in bulk and provide instructions with a single click.

Patent locating with intuitive search

In an ever-growing collection of patents, locating specific ones might seem complicated. Yet, with our intuitive search bar, you can quickly pinpoint patents by their Reference Number, IP Owner, Application Number, Publication Number, Grant Number, PCT Number, Priority Number, or IP Partner Patent Reference. What is more, there is a link on each of your patent’s, which directs you to the local Patent Office’s database, where you can view that specific patent. 

You can also filter your patents by their renewal status (renew, on hold, stop), country, annuity year, patent status (ungranted, pending, surcharged, archived, verifying) and many more. 

Comprehensive analysis with one click 

Understanding the importance of data portability and comprehensive analysis, we've made it possible for users to download all their IP-related information. Whether you prefer CSV or Excel formats, all your essential patent-related data is just a few clicks away, ready for in-depth analysis or sharing.

2. Navigating the Payments tab  

As intellectual property is considered an asset of a company, understanding your financial commitments is crucial. That’s why we crafted the Payments tab in our intellectual property management software, where all IP payment-related information is presented in one place with full transparency into all cost categories. 

Financial forecasting

Cost predictability is essential in patent management. That's where our forecasting tool comes into the picture where you have the capability to overview your patent maintenance fees for the past, and anticipate present, and upcoming years, allowing for proactive budgeting. 

You can set your desired timeframe, and the software will quickly generate and download a forecast with all patent-related costs tailored to that specific span. The control and clarity provided by our intellectual property management software also helps you decide if you want to continue renewing your IP by seeing their past and future costs for each country separately. 

Full cost breakdown visualized 

To further simplify understanding, a graphical overview paints a clear picture of your payment landscape. For that planning long-term, the platform provides a holistic view of projected payments not only in real-time but for the entire upcoming 2 years.

These graphical charts not only give you an overview in general, but you can see every cost category: the official fee, service fee, transaction fee, and the local agent fee (if any) in detail. This function applies to every patent in your portfolio and you also have the opportunity to see the countries to compare your costs in different jurisdictions. 

Payment overview on patent renewals
                                                             A monthly detailed cost breakdown for your portfolio.

3. Settings and additional features 

There are many additional settings and features you can find on our platform that can be useful for administration or accounting purposes. Let's discover a few of these.

Stay up to date with our Renewal Notifications

At, our intellectual property management software is designed to ensure that you're always up to date. Our 90-day notification workflow kicks off with the issuance of a Renewal Notification, a timely reminder sent precisely 90 days before the month your patent renewals are due. It reminds you of impending patent renewals, offering the relevant patent costs for all cases due. It provides users with an estimate of the official, service, transaction, and local agent fees they can anticipate. 

Tailor the user accesses for efficient teamwork 

Knowing that collaboration is crucial in IP management, we came up with a feature that allows the addition of various users, each with a specific set of permissions. You can grant access to the patent overview, define permission levels, and encourage teamwork. An activity log keeps track of all platform actions. This ensures not only teamwork but also a controlled access environment, making collaboration smooth and secure.

All your documents in a single click away

You don’t need to go through your whole inbox to find patent-related documents anymore. With our centralized system, you have the power to seamlessly manage and download all your renewal documents like disbursements, invoices, or confirmations of your patents. All of these documents are available under each patent per each country.

Upload documentation about your patents
                                Access all historic documentation easily in the settings.
Simplified Power of Attorney management

In some jurisdictions, it is not possible to pay the patent office directly, so a third party, local patent agents, are needed to complete the renewal in your name. These representatives need to be empowered by a signed Power of Attorney. This document formally authorizes our agents to manage your IP renewals in those countries in person. We will send you the template, and all you need to do is sign it and upload it to your platform with a single click. Then, this document will be always available next to all other patent-related documents. 

Choose your preferred invoice cycle

As we cover multiple billing options, users have the opportunity to choose between monthly, quarterly, and yearly invoice cycles. Updating payment information is very easy on the platform, reflecting our commitment to user-centric design.

Try our platform in action

In a competitive market, our intellectual property management software stands out.​​ It saves time and financial resources for you while providing full transparency and innovative solutions. 

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