What is the Upcoming payment plan?

Discover what PatentRenewal.com’s pay-as-you-go subscription plan entails

With our Upcoming payment plan you will be invoiced 60 days before the month of the renewals are due  in one payment, which covers all your renewal related fees plus our service fee per renewal.

Your renewal-related fees include the official fees, local agents fees (if any), transaction and bank fees (if any) as well as postal and fax fees (if any). 

Our service fee covers the service which we provide to renew your patents easily and efficiently, as well as our PatentRenewal.com platform and customer service. 

Before every renewal you will receive an Invoice and Deposit Request, and as the name suggests, by this we request two separate funds. The Deposit Request will be deposited into our account to settle all renewal related costs (which are directly sent to the respective institutions), and the Invoice covers our Service Fee (which covers the service and platform provided by us). Check out our renewal flow.

You can find more information about our pricing, here.

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