Unite savings and your patent attorney with PatentRenewal.com

Kinga Fodor
April 30, 2024
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3 mins

You might worry about your relationship with your patent attorney being affected by choosing PatentRenewal.com and wonder how it is possible to keep your IP law firm while working with us at the same time?

You are not alone, as many of our current 1200+ patent owners from 40+ countries had the same concern as you. They value their long-standing and trustworthy partnership with their patent attorney, but they also recognize the undeniable benefits of switching to PatentRenewal.com.

The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds, as our current customers still work with the same patent attorney while doing their IP renewals through us.

Let us show you how you can keep your patent attorney while enjoying significant cost savings. The answer lies in the fact that PatentRenewal.com is not a law firm, but a global IP renewal software provider. Typically, IP law firms outsource their IP renewal processes to software providers like us, which makes the overall fees higher, due to using additional players in the value chain.

Optimizing workflow

Paying intellectual property renewal fees to local patent offices is simply a transactional process that doesn't necessarily require direct involvement from a patent attorney.

By transitioning only your patent renewals to PatentRenewal.com, you take this specific responsibility off your attorney’s shoulders, which they most likely already outsource.

You will leave all patent-related legal processes (like patent filings, patent validation, translation, grant process, litigation, reinstatement of patents and more) in the hands of your attorney, ensuring their expertise is utilized where it truly matters.

Maximizing cost savings

But what sets us apart is not only the smooth renewal workflow but also the significant cost savings you’ll enjoy.

As PatentRenewal.com renews patents with a fintech solution all digitally, we are able to cut costs in different cost categories, for example by:

  • Eliminating all inflated costs, such as inefficient transfer flows
  • Not using local patent attorneys in jurisdictions where they are not absolutely necessary
  • Using modern payment solutions, we can reduce costs on transaction fees and offer better currency exchange rates

This optimized workflow allows us to pass the savings on to you, with the potential annual savings of up to 50%!

Smooth transition

So what's next? Once you commit to using PatentRenewal.com, we ensure a seamless transition that respects your existing relationship with your patent attorney. We will continuously cooperate with them when it comes to validating your portfolio or adding new patents to your platform, and we will keep you in the loop during the entire transition process.

Our onboarding is done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Submit a free price comparison to see how much you can save with us or book a meeting with one of our IP experts and learn how you can benefit from our platform and patent renewal services.
  2. Once you sign our Service and Licence Agreement, you can simply forward us your patent data or provide us with your current IP renewal provider's contact information. We will handle the rest, including cooperating with your attorney during the transition.
  3. We transfer all your patent data accurately and securely to your PatentRenewal.com platform, and once it's completed, one of our friendly Customer Success Representatives will guide you through the platform’s main features.

After the transition, you get to enjoy your transparent and automated renewals and utilize your personalized platform to your liking, while maintaining your strong relationship between your company and your IP attorney.

Interested in more? Submit a form for a free price comparison or book a meeting with one of our experts to learn more about our solution.