How can I generate a cost forecast on my patent portfolio?

Find out how to utilize the platform to generate forecast and cost-centric budgets.

Our forecasting tool generates reliable patent data, allowing all of our customers to identify their upcoming renewal expenses. Regardless of whether you want a forecast for one patent or the entire database, the platform is equipped to satisfy your needs.

To generate a forecast for specific patent(s), please follow the steps below.

  1. Select the patent/s which you would like a forecast for, by selecting the tick-box of each individual patent.
  2. Once selected, locate the forecast tool on the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Select both the 'next renewal' and 'selected' checkbox.
  4. Select the 'start date' in the forecast tool.
  5. To choose which year is forecasted for, select the double arrow symbol '>>'.
  6. To choose which month to start and end with, select the single arrow symbol '>'.
  7. Insert the relevant start and end dates.
  8. Select the 'forecast' button. By clicking this, the forecast will automatically be sent to the designated email address in XLS format. This document is accessible for download.

To see the above steps in video form, please watch the below.

How can I generate a cost forecast on my patent portfolio?

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