How can I see how many renewals I have on my Subscription invoice?

Track the number of your renewals and subscription invoices easily. Learn how to find how many IP renewals are left on your subscription.

We have created a simple way for you to be able to always keep track of your renewals as well as the related Subscription invoices (SINV).

If you are in doubt of exactly how many renewals you have left from your previous invoice, simply navigate to:

Contracts’ > ‘Contract’ > ‘Renewals left’.

You can easily see the number of renewals left from the previous invoice to have an overview of how many have been used up so far and when to  approximately expect a new SINV.

When you are about to run out of your renewals a new SINV will be issued to cover your renewals for the upcoming 12 months. To keep track of these invoices you simply need to navigate to your platform and select:

Contracts’ > ‘Subscriptions’.

This section will showcase all of the Subscription invoices we have issued as well as the relevant data (payment date, the number of renewals you have been invoiced for each occasion, etc). By using the platform you will always have up-to-date information on your plan and payments.

Discover your renewals on your subscription invoice

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