Which renewal requires a letter of Power of Attorney (PoA)?

Find out which local representation requires a letter of Power of Attorney for IP renewals. If you need one, upload your documents with ease.

When we hire a local agent, they essentially help us to process the renewals, sometimes in person at the patent office! Some of them require a letter of Power of Attorney (PoA). With this representation requirement, this letter formally authorises our agents to manage the renewal on your behalf. 


  1. We provide you with the PoA document.
  2. We request  you to fill it out then sign it. 
  3. Then email us a scanned copy of it.
  4. And send a physical copy of the PoA via postal mail to the local agent.

Here is a list of those jurisdictions that has a PoA requirement:

CY: Cyprus

PO: Poland

MY: Malaysia

VN: Viet Nam

LK: Sri Lanka

Learn more about the Power of Attorney (PoA) letter

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