How do I track each renewal status?

Check out our step-by-step guide to track your renewal status easily. You will always see real time information on your IP management platform.

So you paid an invoice and wondered how you can track the renewal?

You can check the status of the renewal when you navigate to the status column of the patent overview page and click on "Track". To do this follow the steps:   

  1. Log in to your platform
  2. Click on the ‘Active Patents’ tab in the left menu bar.
  3. In the ‘Status’ column, click the ‘Track’ link.
  4. A box shows up and lists these statuses:
  • Invoice Sent To IP Owner
  • Payment Received From IP Owner
  • Payment To PO Sent And Awaiting Confirmation

     5. When we are waiting for the status to be completed, there will be a spinner at the status.

      6. A green dot indicates that this step of the renewal process is completed.

      7. Once “Payment To PO Sent And Awaiting Confirmation” is completed, you will see these 2 statuses having the green dots:

  • Payment Received by PO
  • Patent Renewal Confirmed

       8. When all statuses show a green dot, it indicates that the entire renewal has been completed, i.e. the PO confirms the receipt of the payment, and the patent data is also updated on your platform.

You can always follow the activities that go on on your platform.  Find out how to view or download your activity log


How to track renewal payment to the patent office?

How to follow each of your renewal status on your page

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