What payment options do you offer?

Discover our options to settle your invoices

To ensure invoices can be settled by a payment method most suitable to you, we offer both bank transfer and credit card payments.

Bank transfers tend to be the most cost-effective compared to credit card payments, however, to be able to save even more on transaction fees we suggest using a 3rd party provider, for example, Revolut or Wise who will charge less than normal banks for international transfers.

*When settling the invoices via bank transfer all relevant information regarding the payment details can always be found on the respective invoice to ensure the transfers reach the correct accounts.

If you prefer to settle your invoices via credit card payments, just simply inform us and an extra function will be added to your platform to allow card payments keeping the process as efficient as possible. The card payment does have a higher transaction fee which is something to keep in mind when deciding which option to use when settling the invoices.

Please bear in mind that all payments can take a couple of business days to clear, so we always suggest settling your invoices in advance to ensure a delay-free renewal.

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