What types of IP do you renew?

Read about what types of intellectual property PatentRenewal.com renews

At PatentRenewal.com you can renew every type of patent, design and utility model.

This includes…

  1. Aesthetic design
  2. Design patent
  3. Functional design
  4. Industrial design
  5. Innovation patent
  6. Medicament patent
  7. Petty patent
  8. Plant patent
  9. Provisional patent
  10. Short term patent
  11. Simple patent
  12. Utility model patent
  13. Patent for invention
  14. Supplementary protection certificates

We handle all types of IP annuity payments. Please contact our customer support team if your patent type isn’t listed above at contact@patentrenewal.com.

Copyright and trademark renewals are soon to be added to our services.

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