Stopping annuity payments

Find out how you can easily stop any of your IP renewals with just one click of a button

After you signed up to our platform and we onboarded all of your patent data, you will have a clear overview of when the next annuity payment is. Minimum 60 days before your next annuity payment you can still decide if you want to continue with the annuity payment or if you want to cancel it. Alternatively, you can still instruct us closer than 60 days to the renewal due dates to make a cancellation, however, in that case we advise you to contact us directly so we can accommodate your request in time.

To cancel the upcoming annuity payment for a specific patent:

  1. Log in to
  2. Search for the specific patent in the specific region/country you want to cancel
  3. Click update UNDER ‘Instruction’ column in the row of the selected patent
  4. Select ‘Stop’

Please refer to the video below.

If you want to cancel more than one annuity payment at the same time then simply:

  1. Search for the specific patents you want to cancel
  2. Select all of them by clicking the check box under the 'Patent Reference' column
  3. Click update selected ABOVE the ‘Instruction’ column
  4. Select ‘Stop’
  5. Select 'Update Instruction For Selection’

Be aware that if you cancel your next annuity payment your patent will expire and in the next year.

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