What is your pricing model?

Discover PatentRenewal.com’s two pricing models

We offer two pricing models depending on your needs:

1) Our Pay-as-yo-go payment plan, where you will be invoiced 60 days before each renewal you have in one payment, which covers all your renewal related fees plus our service fee per renewal.

2) Our Annual payment plan gives you a 10% discount on our service fee if you have a patent portfolio of minimum 30 renewals. When opting for this plan you will be invoiced for the service fee of your renewals in one transaction for the next 12 month. This is the most efficient way for you to settle all fees for our services in one go.

You can find more information about our pricing and what it includes, here.

We have complete trust in our service, and to this day (updated 2022-09-22) we have not been presented with an invoice more cost-effective than ours. Therefore, we will be happy to match any offer that you present to us that has a lower total price per renewal than ours.

Our customers save between 20-80% on their patent renewals with PatentRenewal.com (compared to their previous IP setup).

To request a free cost analysis, follow this link.

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