What do you include on your invoice?

Understand the contents of a PatentRenewal.com invoice. We provide the most transparent invoice with a full IP renewal related cost breakdown.

Our invoice, like payment specification on your platform, shows unprecedented transparency, giving you a full cost breakdown

We also refer to our invoice as Deposit Request/Invoice and Deposit Request, depending on if you choose the Upcoming payment plan or the Bulk payment plan.

An invoice is sent 60 days before the month your renewals are due.

You can see a series of reference numbers, the patent number, the application number, the country code, the transfer currency, the local agent transfer currency, bank transaction fees, exchange rates both for the official fee and the local agent fee, the fee to local agents, the official annuity fee, your service fee and more.

Due to currency exchange fluctuations or the number of cases in the invoice, the total invoice amount can vary from the corresponding Renewal Notification.

Our standard payment window is 30 days, and the last day to settle the amount can be seen under Your payment due date in the document. Please keep in mind that a bank transfer takes 2-3 business days and may take longer due to holidays and weekends. 

When transferring the payment, please ensure to indicate the invoice reference number in the transfer message. This will help us to track your payment easily.

You can track all your outstanding and upcoming payments on your platform


What are the email notifications sent during the renewal flow?

Discover what is included on your PatentRenewal.com invoice

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