What is a renewal notification?

Find out more about our notification workflow.

At PatentRenewal.com we work according to a 90-day flow

The starting point in the workflow is issuing a renewal notification. This is a renewal reminder which is sent 90 days before the month of renewals are due. 

The renewal notification serves 3 main purposes: 

  1. Informing our customers about upcoming patent renewals, and providing the corresponding patent data for the cases due.
  2. It provides our customers with an estimate of the official fees anticipated. Due to fluctuations, the costs shown in the renewal notification may differ from the costs indicated in the invoice. This is due to fluctuations in exchange rates, an increase to the official fees and or, late charges if applicable. 
  3. Acting as an instruction tool. Our customers have 20 days to review the renewal notification. Within that time period, our customers can provide us with instructions, on whether to go ahead with issuing an invoice or not. 

To give us instructions, using an example, if there are 10 patents indicated in the renewal notification,

  1. When we do not receive new instructions, via our platform or an email, the invoice sent will contain all 10 patents renewals.
  2. Our customers can also instruct us on the patents that should be invoiced/ should not via  (put them ON HOLD or STOP) on your platform. Then an invoice will then be sent according to the instructions.

Please note that the renewal notification is NOT to be paid. Payment is only required when an invoice is issued.


What are the email notifications sent during the renewal flow?

What is a renewal notification?

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