What is a renewal notification?

Find out more about our notification workflow.

At PatentRenewal.com we work according to a 3 month flow.

The starting point in the workflow is issuing a renewal notification. Simply put, this is a renewal reminder which is issued to the customer 3 months prior to our invoice due date.

The renewal notification serves 3 main purposes:

  1. Informs the customer about upcoming patent renewals, and provides the corresponding patent data for the cases due.
  2. It provides the customer with an estimate of the official fees anticipated. Due to fluctuations, the costs shown in the renewal notification may differ from the costs indicated in the invoice. This is due to fluctuations in exchange rates, an increase to the official fees and or, late charges if applicable.
  3. Acts as an instruction tool. The customer has 30 days to review the renewal notification, and within that time period provide us with instructions on whether to go ahead with issuing an invoice or not. The instructions can be general or specific. For example, if there are 10 cases indicated in the renewal notification, the customer can instruct us to issue an invoice for all 10 patents. On the other hand, the customer can also specify which patents should be invoiced, and which ones should not. Depending on the instruction given, an invoice will then be issued for due payment.

Please note that the renewal notification is NOT to be paid. Payment is only required when an invoice is issued.

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