What is your urgent onboarding process?

Find out what are the next steps in the urgent onboarding process after you sign with us

If you have renewals that are due within a short period of time, we will implement our urgent onboarding process with you. (Otherwise you will go through the standard onboarding process)  

We strive to make the onboarding and transitioning from your previous IP renewal provider as smooth as possible.  All we need from you is to give us your availability to attend the onboarding meeting(s) and we will take care of everything else!

The overall transition period and onboarding process takes around 2 weeks, depending on your availability. Please note that there are various factors outside of our control that could prolong the onboarding process. In that scenario we cannot guarantee carrying out the renewals without additional surcharge fees being applied by the patent office.

Our urgent onboarding process has 4 steps: 

  1. After signing the SLA you will receive a Welcoming email. Due to the urgency, there will be no introductory meeting, instead, our Customer Support team will send you all relevant information via email as well as either confirming or requesting patent data.
  2. Once we have successfully uploaded the cases to our system, a meeting will be scheduled to introduce you to your personalized platform and to cover all the important procedures. 
  3. Due to the renewals being due within a short period of time, we will issue an urgent invoice with a short payment window allowing us to carry out renewals in due time.
  4. Once the payment has been received, we will carry out your renewals, and then your onboarding process will be completed.

What is your urgent onboarding process?

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