What happens if I miss the payment deadline?

Learn the consequences of missing your patent renewal payment deadline. Don't risk losing your valuable patents, stay up to date with PatentRenewal.com.

At PatentRenewal.com we created a failsafe renewal flow for handling renewal payments in time.

  1. We send you a renewal notification 90 days before the month of renewals are due using our renewal flow. You will then be able to inform us, via giving your instructions on your platform if you want to proceed with renewing a patent or not. 
  2. 60 days before the month of renewals are due we send you an invoice. The due date of our invoice is always 30 days before the due date of the renewal month. This gives you the time to make payment to us to process the renewal.

We can, of course, imagine scenarios where you are late with your payment.

When the invoice due date has passed and we did not receive the due payment, you will receive 3 automated payment reminders by email. If we do not receive any payments after the automated reminders, you will get an email containing a Credit Note for the unpaid invoice. 

We do our best to renew your patents despite late payment, please note that renewal can fall into the surcharge period, and this can increase costs.


What are the email notifications sent during the renewal flow?

What if I miss the payment deadline?

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